Luscious Grapes Monogram J and Gift Tag


Luscious Grapes Monogram  J  

&  Gift Tag





Luscious for your linens, stunning as gift tags, captivating in the kitchen, delicious everywhere!

This gorgeous monogram includes various stitching options for  creating beautiful projects as both a monogram and as a gift tag or bookmark too! 

Included are 3 'fill' stitch options included in one stitch file  (see instructional PDF for specific how to details) and options to stitch as both gift tag and monogram.

Fill choices include: 

1.   Plain (no lacework fill) ~ a less fancy option (and quicker to stitch)

2.   A beautiful lacework fill    PLEASE note however,  that this is NOT a freestanding lace design despite the elegant lacy fill option! The lace effect fill is primarily for it's own loveliness!  Stitch to match or use a contrasting color ~ my favorite is with a gold lace fill!

3.  Mylar or Organza beneath the lace fill,  both gorgeous with beautiful results! How nice for a gift tag! The Organza option is great for high pile towels.

 Fill option 2 makes this monogram a perfect choice for stitching on low and or no napped towels.

For densely napped extra fluffy towels the Mylar/ Organza option is the perfect choice! If you prefer a no sheen look, a tulle layer could also be added first for extra control.

Here are some stitch option sample photos

     A~lace fill on fabric         Gift Tag~no fill              B~lace fill on towel

  K~gold lace fill towel   E~Mylar beneath lace fill   L- tag with Organza

Luscious Grapes Monogram is perfect the kitchen and pretty for the dining room too! The bonus gift tag option makes every present special, be it tucked inside a card, topping a gift, or bookmarking your reading page!  

Full photo instructions are included in your zip file, walking you through your stitching options.

This gorgeous monogram lends itself to many variations and applications from the delicate to the dramatic such as when stitched on a black background as shown below, Luscious Grapes Monogram is perfect for all your needs!





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