About NLE

About Needle Little Embroidery .... curious to be sure. And that is just how Needle Little Embroidery began....out of inspired curiousity!!!  Amazed at designs stitching out before my eyes, my curiosity peaked, could I do that too?  I have always been a lover of thread, a lover of fabric, of color, of texture and of every detail and intricacy. Life truly is a tapestry.

My first exposure to a needle was at the side of my father, at the ripe age of 5. He sat me down and informed me that every young lady needs to know how to sew. Together we stitched under his patient instruction, a small brown clutch. I can still see it in my minds eye, a sturdy but yeilding upholstery fabric suitable for pillows, now stitched and shaped to hold a child's treasures. I was taught to hand stitch for construction, overcast stitches to make a buttonhole and to then secure the button as well. That began my love affair with needle and thread. I was awed at my own accomplishment, but more importantly, my father proudly showed that he was too. I formed an immediate association of value in what my hands could produce.

So began my journey with the arts of the needle. Over the years my passions have included garment construction, home decor and drapery, doll making, and clothing, crafting, quilting, accessorizing and due to my love of antiques, upholstery as well. I had become an accomplished "Jack of all Needles" and so the stitching went, on and on and on. After many years my inspiration dwindled. Although my need to create was ever present my needle had lost it's zeal.

Enter home embroidery. In an effort to revitalize my creative passions I purchased a home embroidery machine and never looked back. I was mesmerized by the dance of the needle. Inspiration reignited. Having always drawn and doodled and dabbled with design I was fascinated by the whole process of the "paint by thread" creations. I could not keep my eyes off the needle as it painted out each new design. I began to realize I had started to filter everything I looked at with the thought; I wonder how that would look digitized?

I just had to learn to do this for myself. Having always been artistic, drawn and worked with thread, the challenge was on. I sought out teachers, lessons, workshops and mentors and began building the skills of hand punched digitizing. Admittedly my first attempts were crude by even my own standards but that only spurred me to learn even more as I gained a full appreciation for other artist's dedicated work! As my digitizing techniques advanced, I found that I desired to be the sole creator of the projects I produced. I wanted the designs to be my work and not someone else'sOver the years I have honed my skills and now proudly share my work with others.

I still remain awed by my fellow digitizers. There are many talented people who continue to be an inspiration to me. Looking at their work encourages me from a point of appreciation and admiration, and also challenges and inspires me to produce and perfect this amazing painting with thread art form.


Here at Needle Little Embroidery you'll find an eclectic studio that ranges from original designs, from art that I have drawn myself, to the translated work of contemporary graphic artists, and interpretations of public domain vintage art, and nearly every realm in between.  Because I find that many of my projects require single designs as opposed to sets,  I have elected for Needle Little Embroidery to be a place where you are free to purchase only what you want and only what you need. I recognize that not every project is a quilt that requires a dozen coordinated designs, sometimes you just "needle little". I love and appreciate all good art and as such, here you really will find a pot pourri from the whimsical to the classical. It is my wish that  you will find the "just right" designs of your of your desires .... the designs you envision in your mind's eye to  make your projects your own "dreams come true" !