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Please note that for best practices, you should be keeping and backing up your own orders to assure their safe keeping. 

Needle Little Embroidery does not assume responsibility for lost files and should not be regarded as a personal recovery source.

Your Order History is provided as a courtesy only and is not to be confused as or considered to be your design file back up or recovery source.  You should do your own back ups on multiple sources, such as a cloud service, CDs and USB stick etc.


Below is an overview of how to use Your Order History:


YOUR  Username  is the email address used WHEN your order was placed.  If you have placed orders from more than one email address and are trying to access your history/ies please make sure you are using the email address and password associated with the order you are trying to access.  I suggest creating a folder to place your customer copies in for future reference and to maintain a record of your password.

After entering your   Username  (email address)  enter your password. YOUR password is found at the bottom of every order you place and was auto generated with your first order. It stays the same for all orders (from the same address) unless you choose to change it to one of your own choice. If you would like to create your own password you may do so by following the directions found on the Your Order History page.

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  • Username     is your email address
  • Password      is found on your customer copy beneath your   user name









Enter the email address used when you purchased your products, along with your order number, to view your order details.

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